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There is a reason that San Diego is a top travel destination. Sunshine, miles of coastline, night life, amusement parks and attractions are just a few of them. Travelers have many choices when it comes to accommodations. San Diego Guild Member B & B’s are a great choice that enhances your stay and lets you  feel like a “local”. Bed & Breakfasts are more than just a place to sleep, they are the perfect alternative for those who are looking for a home-like place to stay with warmth and charm.

Balboa Park in San Diego is the largest urban park in the United States.  Located near downtown San Diego, it encompasses 1,200 acres with 15 museums, beautiful Spanish  architecture, water fountains and features, an outside theatre, numerous walking trails and of course the World Famous San Diego Zoo. Be sure to include this destination in your next visit to San Diego.

World Famous San Diego Zoo: San Diego Zoo is a popular attraction. Home to more than 4,000 rare, exotic and endangered animals, this zoo at Balboa Park is a must see. Rare Giant Pandas are usually on visit from China. Or, check out the koalas.  If you visit at the right time, you might just get to see baby pandas!  Inside the zoo, there is a special area called “The Children’s Zoo”, with animals and activities geared for kids. The San Diego Zoo is known for their conservation program and to date have reintroduced 33 species back in to the wild.

Mission Bay Park:  When many people think of San Diego, they probably think of the world famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World, or Mission Bay. You might not have known the name of the area, but Mission Bay is truly the epitome of San Diego. Miles of shoreline, parks, restaurants, free parking and more, Mission Bay has something for everyone. Located just north of the San Diego International Airport, Mission Bay covers 4,200 acres of land and water.

Sea World:  Open year round, this marine mammal park offers show and attractions featuring sharks, dolphins, penguins, sea lions, and more.  A main attraction is the Shamu show with performances by killer whales.  SeaWorld does have a non -profit division, SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, created for wildlife conservation and research.

Belmont Park:  This amusement park is home to a wooden roller coaster built in 1925, the Giant Dipper is sure to please.  It was named a National Historic Landmark in 1987. Laser tag, arcades, and even a water wave house make Belmont Park a destination for both kids and adults. With a variety of restaurants and a boardwalk, one can easily spend a day in this part of Mission Bay.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach

San Diego Beaches: San Diego is a top destination for travelers of all ages and wallets. Millions of visitors flock to its numerous amusement parks, zoos, museums, and shopping centers each year. With a near ideal year round temperature, San Diego’s coastline is a priority for travelers to visit. Visitors have a choice in San Diego’s nearly 70 miles of beaches. There is something to be found for nearly everyone. Whether it be surfing, sunbathing, building sand castles, or running with your dog, there is a beach for you in San Diego.There are approximately 19 main beaches in San Diego for tourists and locals to enjoy.

So grab your sunglasses and sun screen, and enjoy what San Diego has to offer. Whatever your goal for going to the beach, just go! If you enjoy seagulls or pelicans fly by and the crisp smell of ocean air, a visit to a beach can be the highlight of your visit to San Diego.

Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach


Silver Strand State Beach

Coronado Beach

Sunset Cliffs

Sunset Cliffs








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